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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
BBE / Ababeel Aviation view
DTN / Aerodata International Surveys view
/ ML African Transport Trading and Investment Company view
WAM / Air Taxi & Cargo view
LOK / Alok Air view
AXD / Audeli Air Express view
VTT / Avia Trans Air Transport view
AZZ / Azza Transport Company view
BDR / Badr Airlines view
BNT / Bentiu Air Transport view
BLB / Blue Bird Aviation view
CCW / Coptrade Air Transport view
OTR / Eastern Orient Airlines view
GLQ / El Quilada International Aviation view
DND / Eldinder Aviation view
RSA / Elisra Airlines view
MGG / Elmagal Aviation Services view
RAF / Farnas Aviation Services view
FDD / Feeder Airlines view
GLD / Golden Star Air Cargo view
HLH / Hala Air view
AKI / Ibk-Petra view
IFF / Interfreight Forwarding view
JMM / Joint Military Commission view
JUC / Juba Cargo Services & Aviation Company view
KTV / Kata Transportation view
LMR / Lamra view
MSL / M7 Marsland Aviation view
NSA / Nile Safaris Aviation view
NLW / Nile Wings Aviation Services view
NOV / M4 Nova Airlines view
NYL / Pyramid Airlines view
SLP / Salpa Aviation view
SRW / Sarit Airlines view
SAC / Sasco Airlines view
STF / SFT-Sudanese Flight view
SLY / Sky Line for Air Services view
SDN / Spirit of Africa Airlines-Blue Nile view
/ Sudan Air Force view
SUD / SD Sudan Airways view
SDZ / Sudan Pezetel for Aviation view
SNV / Sudanese State Aviation view
TRR / Tramson Limited view
TRT / Trans Arabian Air Transport view
UAB / United Arabian Airlines view
VIG / Vega Aviation view
AWZ / Windairwest LLC view
WAT / Wings Air Transport view
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