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Code Name  
001 / U1 AirOne Polska view
BGY / Bingo Airways view
CLW / C0 Centralwings view
QQQ / ENTERair view
ELO / K2 Eurolot view
FFP / Fischer Air Polska view
FDP / Flight Dispatch Services view
FYJ / Flyjet A-S view
GNZ / Garrett General Aviation Service view
JEA / Greenjet Airlines view
LOT / LO Jet Air-LOT Polish Airlines view
EXN / Lexington Management Group Inc view
LOT / LO LOT - Polish Airlines view
PLF / Polish Air Force view
PNY / Polish Navy view
IGA / Skytaxi GmbH view
LLP / P7 Small Planet Airlines Poland view
SRN / SprintAir view
WEA / White Eagle Aviation view
YEP / Yes Airways view