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Code Name  
SUY / Aerial Surveys (1980) Limited view
CVA / CV Air Chathams view
NPR / Air Napier view
RLK / Air Nelson view
ANZ / NZ Air New Zealand view
SRI / Air Safaris and Services view
\N / F8 (2008) Ltd view
XFX / Airways Corporation of New Zealand view
AWK / Airwork view
AWK / Airworks Unlimited LLC view
WPR / Auckland Regional Rescue Helicopter Trust view
CIV / Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand view
FOM / SJ Freedom Air International view
QNZ / JetConnect view
FCP / L & B Flight Corporation view
MSY / Massey University School of Aviation view
NZM / NM Mount Cook Airline view
/ National Transport and Toy Museum view
CGE / Nelson Aviation College view
KRC / New Zealand Air Defence Force view
/ New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum view
WAR / NZ Warbirds Association view
OGN / QO Origin Pacific Airways view
PBN / DJ Pacific Blue Airlines view
PLB / DJ Polynesian Blue Airlines view
HPR / Rick Lucas Helicopters view
KIW / Royal New Zealand Air Force view
SFL / Southflight Aviation view
REF / Sunset Reef Aircraft Services Inc view
/ Warbirds & Wheels Museum view