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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
ADK / Z7 ADC Airlines view
FRR / Aero Africa M-Fresh Air view
NIG / AJ Aero Contractors of Nigeria view
AFY / Africa Chartered Services view
FRJ / Afrijet view
AOR / Afro International Ent. Limited view
ANI / Air Atlantic (Nig) Limited view
MEF / Air Meridan view
VTY / Air Midwest view
NGP / Air Nigeria view
APK / Air Peace view
NBK / F4 Albarka Air (5N) view
LIE / Al-Dawood Air Ltd view
LDN / Al-Donas Airlines view
AJK / Allied Airlines view
OBK / Amako Airlines view
JEE / Ambjek Air Services view
AMZ / Amiya Airline view
BLV / B3 AnstWW-Bellview Airlines view
ARA / W3 Arik Air view
SFM / A-Safar Air Services view
SCD / Associated Aviation Ltd view
AZM / Azman Air view
OGJ / Bakoji Airlines Services view
BHN / Bristow Helicopters Nigeria view
CJR / Caverton Helicopters view
NCH / Chanchangi Airlines view
CMG / Comet Airlines view
DLR / Dala Air Services view
DAV / DANA - Dornier Aviation Nigeria view
\N / DA Dana Airlines view
ERX / Earth Airlines Services view
FYE / Easy Link Aviation Services view
EAM / Embassy Airlines view
MPR / Empire Aviation Services view
FAU / Falcon Airlines view
FAY / Fayban Air Services view
FFF / Freedom Air Services view
GBS / Global Air Services Nigeria view
HKL / Hak Air view
HAV / Havilah Air Services view
IGN / Interguide Air view
ITH / International Trans-Air view
LVB / IRS Airlines view
QNK / N2 Kabo Air view
KLX / Kelix Air view
KGT / Knights Airlines view
OYE / Koda International view
MGI / Marghi Air view
MXX / Merchant Express Aviation view
MLK / Millennium Aircraft LLC view
NET / Network Aviation Services view
NXS / Nexus Aviation view
NCN / Nicon Airways view
NGA / Nigeria Airways view
NGR / Nigerian Air Force view
NGX / Nigerian Global view
NEN / North-East Airlines view
OKJ / Okada Airlines view
OAC / Oriental Airlines view
OLA / OJ Overland Airways view
EMI / Premium Air Shuttle view
RGP / River State Government of Nigeria view
RDZ / Rodze Air view
RMG / Rumugu Air & Space Nigeria view
SLW / Salama Airlines Nigeria view
SNI / Savanah Airlines view
SEO / Selcon Airlines view
FFH / Shalom Air Services view
SXC / Sky Exec Aviation Services view
SMT / Skyline Enterprises Corp view
EAN / Skypower Express Airways view
SHX / Slim Aviation Services view
SLB / Slok Air International view
OSL / SO Sosoliso Airlines view
SPF / Space World Airlines view
BRL / TopBrass Aviation view
SBJ / Trans Sahara Air view
TSN / Trans-Air Services view
TTP / Triple O Aviation view
ECQ / UL-Eco Air LLC view
VGN / VK Virgin Nigeria Airways view
SSI / Vision Airlines view
RMI / Westpoint Airlines view
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