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Code Name  
AAW / 8U Afriqiyah Airways view
LJA / Air Jamahiriya Company view
KAV / Air Kufra view
TLR / Air Libya Tibesti view
ONR / Air One Nine view
ANH / Alajnihah for Air Transport view
LML / Alamia Air view
SQR / Alsaqer Aviation view
AYS / Awsaj Aviation Services view
BNE / Benina Air view
BRQ / UZ Buraq Air Transport view
GHT / Ghadames Air Transport view
GAK / Global Aviation and Services Group view
GPC / Gulf Pearl Air Lines view
HSM / Horizon Air for Transport and Training view
JAW / Jamahiriya Airways view
KES / Kallat El Saker Air Company view
LYW / Libyan Airlines view
LCR / Libyan Arab Air Cargo view
LAA / LN Libyan Arab Airlines view
MDH / Madina Air view
MMR / Musrata Air Transport view
NZA / Nayzak Air Transport view
NLL / Northafrican Air Transport view
QAQ / Qurinea Air Service view
TOB / 7T Tobruk Air view