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Code Name  
MBB / Air Manas view
AKF / Anikay Air Company view
AVJ / Avia Traffic Company view
BSC / Bistair - Fez view
BTR / Botir-Avia view
BGK / British Gulf International view
CGK / Click Airways view
CIK / Country International Airlines view
EAA / Eastok Avia view
GRS / Golden Rule Airlines view
INL / Intal Avia view
IKA / GI Itek Air view
QVR / Kvadro Aero view
KGZ / N5 Kyrgyz Airlines view
KTC / Kyrgyz Trans Avia view
KGA / R8 Kyrgyzstan Airlines view
DAM / Kyrgyzstan Department of Aviation view
KGB / Kyrgz General Aviation view
OSH / McIntosh Aviation Inc view
MAI / Mono Max Aviation view
NX1 / Nihon.jet connect view
PHG / Phoenix Aviation view
REK / V4 Reem Air view
SGD / Sky Gate International Aviation view
SAB / Sky Way Aircraft Inc view
FBA / Steel Fab Air Services LLC view
SUH / Sun Light Airlines view
TEB / Tenir Airlines view
TSK / Trast Aero view
WWM / World Wing Aviation view