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Code Name  
IRW / Aram Airline view
IRX / Aria Tour view
IRD / Arvand Airlines view
IRH / Atlas Aviation Group view
IRJ / Bonyad Airlines view
CPN / RV Caspian Airlines view
IRY / Eram Airlines view
QFZ / Fars Air Qeshm view
FPI / FP FlyPersia view
/ IIAA - Imperial Iranian Army Aviation view
/ IIAF - Imperial Iranian Air Force view
IRA / IR Iran Air view
IRC / EP Iran Aseman Airlines view
IRB / Iranair Tours view
/ Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) view
IRI / Jaime M. Benavidas Pompa view
IRG / Karun Airlines view
KHP / Khoezestan Photros Air Lines view
KIS / Y9 Kish Air view
IRM / W5 Mahan Airlines view
IRG / Naft Air Lines view
IRE / Pariz Air view
IPV / PA Parmiss Airlines (IPV) view
PRA / Pars Aviation Service view
IRP / Payam Air view
IRQ / Qeshm Airlines view
IRV / Safat Airlines view
SFN / Safiran Airlines view
IRZ / Saha Air Lines view
IRF / TA-Air Airline view
ABE / K5 Taban Airlines view
SBT / Taftan Airlines view
IRR / Tara Air Line view
THR / Tehran Airline view
IZG / Zagros Air view