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Code Name  
ROL / Aeroel Airways view
AYT / Ayeet Aviation & Tourism view
ICL / 5C CAL Cargo Air Lines view
ETN / Chim-Nir Aviation view
DSY / DH Dennis Sky view
ELY / LY El Al Israel Airlines view
ELR / Elrom Aviation and Investments view
IAI / IAI - Israel Aircraft Industries view
IAF / IDFAF - Israeli Defence Force-Air Force view
ISR / 6H Israir Airlines view
JGD / Jet G&D Aviation view
JEK / Jet Link Holland view
KIZ / Kanaf-Arkia Airlines view
KHE / Kanfey Ha'emek Aviation view
NOY / Noy Aviation Inc view
ORE / Orange Aviation (Pty) Ltd view
REI / Ray Aviation Ltd view
SNU / Snunit Aviationn view
ERO / 7L Sun d'Or International Airlines view
TMI / Tamir Airways view
NYA / Yoav Harlap-Nanyah Aviation Ltd view