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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
ABF / Aerial Oy view
FIF / OF Air Finland view
ADU / Airdeal Oy view
FIX / Airfix Aviation Oy view
WGS / Airwings oy view
BKF / BF-Lento OY view
BLF / KF Blue1 view
AAQ / Copterline view
FNG / Federal Frontier Guards view
FN1 / Finlandian view
FIN / AY Finnair view
WBA / FC Finncomm Airlines view
FNF / Finnish Air Force view
FCM / Flybe Finland Oy view
JEF / Jetflite OY view
KAR / Kar-Air view
NGB / NJ Nordic Global Airlines view
FNL / Oulun Tilauslento Oy view
SBD / S8 Snowbird Airlines view
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