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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
RBG / E5 Air Arabia Egypt view
CPI / Air Cairo view
EUD / Air Italy Egypt view
ASD / 4D Air Sinai view
LHR / Al Ahram Aviation view
PHR / Al Farana Airline view
LEM / Aleem view
KHH / Alexandria Airlines view
LMU / UJ AlMasria Universal Airlines view
AMV / AMC Airlines view
AGC / Arab Agricultural Aviation Company view
CCE / Cairo Air Transport Company view
MSR / MS EgyptAir view
MSX / Egyptair Cargo view
MSE / EgyptAir Express view
/ Egyptian Academy of Research & Technology view
EGY / Egyptian Air Force view
EJX / Egyptian Aviation Academy view
EMA / Egyptian Aviation Company view
FSH / Flash Airlines view
FEG / FT FlyEgypt view
/ Government of Egypt view
IAK / International Air Cargo Corporation view
JSR / JX Jusur Airways view
KBR / K7 KoralBlue Airlines view
TAS / Lotus Air view
LXO / Luxor Air view
MWA / MY Midwest Airlines (Egypt) view
NAB / Mina Airline Company view
MOS / Misr Overseas Airways view
GTY / National Aviation Company view
NOL / National Overseas Airlines Company view
NMA / Nesma Airlines view
NIA / NP Nile Air view
NVA / Nile Valley Aviation Company view
ORK / Orca Air view
OAD / Orscom Tourist Installations Company view
PNW / PF Palestinian Airlines view
PYR / Pyramid Air Lines view
MWR / Raslan Air Services Flying Club view
RDV / Red Sea Aviation view
SIS / Saber Airlines view
SCP / Scorpio Aviation & Marine Ltd view
SHK / Shorouk Air view
SUR / Sun Air view
MDY / Trans Mediterranean Airways view
TMD / Transmed Airlines view
TSY / Tristar Air view
TCA / Tropican Air Services view
ZAS / ZAS Airlines of Egypt view
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