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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
AES / ACES Colombia view
ALE / AEROALAS Colombia S.A. view
AOK / AeroAtlantico Colombia view
AJS / Aeroejecutivos Colombia view
AEI / Aeroexpreso Interamericano view
AMD / Aerolineas Medellin view
RPB / P5 Aerorepublica Colombia view
KRE / Aerosucre Colombia view
ATK / Aerotaca Colombia view
ART / Aerotal Aerolineas Territoriales de Colombia Ltda view
AOX / Aerotaxi Del Valle view
TCO / Aerotranscolombina de Carga view
PET / Aerotransporte Petrolero view
/ Aerovanguardia SA view
ABU / Aerovias Buenos Aires view
VVG / Aerovilla view
/ ALIANSA - Aerolineas Andinas SA view
7KK / 7O All Colombia view
ABO / APSA Colombia view
AKC / ARCA - Aerovias Colombianas Ltda view
ATP / ASTRAL Colombia - Aerotransportes Especiales Ltda. view
AVA / AV Avianca view
BPX / British Petroleum Exploration view
CCC / CB CCML Airlines view
PHC / Central Charter de Colombia-Petroleum Helicopters de Colombia view
/ Colombian Air Force-Fuerza Aerea Colombiana view
/ Colombian Army-Ejercito Nacional de Colombia view
/ Colombian Navy-Armada Nacional de Colombia view
/ Colombian Police-Policia Nacional de Columbia view
CRA / Coronado Aerolineas view
EFY / Easyfly Investments Ltd view
3FF / 3F Fly Colombia ( Interliging Flights ) view
HEL / Helicol - Helicopteros Nacional de Colombia view
IJT / IJ InteliJet Airways view
ICT / RS Inter (Intercontinental de Aviacion) view
/ LANSA-Limitada Nacional de Servicio Aereo view
/ Latina de Aviacion Ltda view
EDR / Lineas Aereas Eldorado view
RS1 / R1 Royal Southern Airlines. view
SDK / SADELCA - Sociedad Aerea Del Caqueta view
SAM / MM SAM Colombia view
NSE / 9R SATENA-Servicio Aereo a Territorios Nacionales view
SRC / SEARCA - Servicios Aerea de Capurgana view
SDV / Servicios Aereos Del Vaupes view
KSP / Servicios Aereos Expecializados En Transportes Petroleros view
TPA / QT Tampa Cargo view
/ TARI - Transportes Aereas del Ariari Ltda view
TAZ / Transamazonica Colombia view
TCB / Transporte del Caribe view
VVC / 5Z Viva Air Colombia view
WCW / West Caribbean Airways view
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