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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
THD / 611897 Alberta Limited view
SWH / Adler Aviation Ltd view
ADV / Advance Air Charters view
SSM / Aero 1 Pro-Jet view
AAD / Aero Aviation Centre Ltd view
LFC / Aero Control Air view
QAT / Aero Taxi view
SKP / Aero-North Aviation Services view
APO / Aeropro view
BRM / Air 500 Ltd view
\N / 9A Air Atlantic view
OUL / Air Atonabee view
BFF / Air Baffin view
ABL / Air BC view
BRL / Air Brasd'or view
ABT / Air Brousse view
ACM / Air Caledonia view
ACA / AC Air Canada view
JZA / QK Air Canada Jazz view
ROU / RV Air Canada Rouge view
CRQ / Air Creebec view
ADT / Air Dorval Ltee view
AFH / Air Fecteau view
AII / Air Integra view
AIE / Air Inuit view
LAL / WJ Air Labrador view
MLN / Air Madeleine view
AMO / Air Montreal (Air Holdings Inc.) view
AMS / Air Muskoka view
DBD / Air Niagara Express Inc view
ANT / 4N Air North Charter - Canada view
HMT / Air Nova view
ONT / Air Ontario view
APA / Air Park Aviation Ltd. view
QAT / Air Quasar Ltd view
RBV / Air Roberval Ltee view
SNY / Air Sandy view
ASJ / Air Satellite Inc view
WHY / Air Sorel view
/ Air Spray 1967 Ltd view
ASC / Air Star Corporation view
TIN / 8T Air Tindi view
CNE / Air Toronto view
TSC / TS Air Transat view
AWT / Air West view
ASB / Air-Spray 1967 Ltd. view
ASP / Airsprint Inc view
AKK / Aklak Air view
BNI / Alberni Airways view
ABK / Alberta Citylink view
JMR / Alexandair view
AGG / Algoma Airways Inc view
AKN / Alkan Air view
CNX / AllCanada Express view
ALZ / Alta Flights (Charters) Ltd view
ALQ / Altair Aviation (1986) view
AAZ / Angus Aviation Ltd view
AQL / Aquila Air Ltd. view
AWR / Arctic Wings And Rotors Ltd view
ARO / Arrow Aviation Ltd. view
RXX / Aspen Express Air Charter LLC view
ATB / Atlantair Ltd. view
AIW / Atlantic Island Airways view
AMJ / Aviation Amos view
QLA / Aviation Quebec Labrador Ltee view
/ Aviation Roger Forgues Inc view
ADQ / Avion Taxi view
AWO / Awood Air Ltd. view
BXH / Bar XH Air Inc view
BLS / JV Bearskin Lake Air Service Ltd view
TXB / Bell Helicopter Textron Inc view
BFO / Bombardier Capital Inc view
BNR / Bonair Aviation view
BOF / Bordaire view
BAR / Bradly Air (Charter) Services view
BRD / Brock Air Services view
BFL / Buffalo Airways view
BAM / Business Air Services Toronto view
EXP / Business Express Delivery view
CAV / MO Calm Air International view
PIL / Canada Jet Charters Ltd view
CTG / Canadian Coast Guard view
HIA / Canadian Eagle Aviation view
CFC / Canadian Forces view
BZD / Canadian Global Air Ambulance Ltd view
CDN / Canadian Helicopters Ltd view
TKR / Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre view
YCP / CN Canadian National Airways view
XNC / Canadian National Telecommunications view
MPE / 5T Canadian North view
CDR / Canadian Regional Airlines view
CWH / Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum view
CWA / W2 Canadian Western Airlines view
CNN / 10 Canadian World view
CJA / C6 Canjet Airlines view
CAP / C2 CanXplorer view
CA1 / C1 CanXpress view
CJT / W8 Cargojet Airways view
CNS / Centennial Flight Centre Ltd view
GLR / Central Mountain Air view
HAI / Century Aviation International view
HRT / Chartright Air Inc view
DES / Chilcotin Caribou Aviation view
CAD / Chilliwack Aviation view
YCC / YC Ciel Canadien view
CAE / Colibri Aviation view
COL / Columbia Airlines view
CML / Commander Air Charter view
CMS / Commercial Aviation Service Inc view
CRC / Conair Aviation view
COF / Confort Airlines view
BSN / Connectair Charters view
CPB / Corpac Canada Ltd view
COO / Corporate Airlink Ltd view
CHI / Cougar Helicopters view
CVL / Coval Air Ltd view
CRE / Cree Airways view
CRW / Crownair AB view
JEL / Crystal Air Charters Inc view
CYS / Cypress Airlines view
DHC / De Havilland Corp view
SNO / Delta Air Charter view
DPL / Dome Petroleum Ltd view
DNR / Dynamair Aviation view
EPB / Eastern Pacific Aviation view
ENJ / Enerjet view
ERC / Esso Resources Canada Ltd view
FAB / 7F Euro First Air view
EXA / MB Execair Aviation view
TRI / Executive Flight Operations Ontario Government view
XTO / Express Tours view
FCV / FCV - Flight Centre Victoria Aircraft Charter Service view
FLE / Flair Airlines view
KLO / Flight-Ops International view
FXC / Fortunair Canada view
GAN / Gander Aviation Ltd view
AHM / Garrison Aviation view
GEE / Geesair view
GAB / Gendall Air view
SWK / General Aerospace view
XGA / General Aviation Terminal view
GSL / Geographic Air Surveys view
GBT / Gold Belt Air Transport Inc view
SAJ / Golden Eagle Air Services (FAA) view
GAQ / Golfe Air Quebec Ltee view
TGO / Government of Canada-Department of Transport view
HMY / HQ Harmony Airways view
/ BH Hawkair view
JBA / JB Helijet International view
HLB / High-Line Airways Ltd view
/ HH Hope Air Ltd view
HYA / Hyack Air Ltd view
HYD / Hydro-Québec view
CIC / ICC Canada view
BLU / IMP Aviation Services view
XGG / IMP Group Aviation Services view
IVA / Innotech Aviation (1986) Ltd view
TNC / International Aviation Consultants Inc view
THN / International Security Assistance Force view
JCK / Jackson Air Services LLC view
JGO / SG Jetsgo view
SRA / Jimsair Aviation Services Inc view
KDC / K D Air Corporation view
KFA / Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter view
KBA / Kenn Borek Air view
KAH / Kent Aviation LLC view
KEE / BZ Keystone Air Services view
KAS / Kingston Air Services view
KNA / Knight Airways view
KNX / Knighthawk Air Express view
ASK / La Ronge Aviation Services Ltd view
LAL / Labrador Airways view
LRA / Little Red Air Service Ltd view
DAT / Y9 Lynx Air view
MAF / MAF Canada - Mission Aviation Fellowship view
MTO / Manitoulin Air Services view
MAD / Maple Air Services view
MAX / Max-Aviation view
MAB / Millardair view
MNS / Ministic Air view
MIR / Miramichi Air Service view
MBO / Mobil Oil Corporation view
MFC / Moncton Flying Club view
MAL / Morningstar Air Express view
MPC / Mountain Pacific Air view
NAH / Nahanni Air Services Ltd view
NVC / Nav Canada view
XNS / Navtech System Support view
NLA / Neiltown Air view
NLT / Newfoundland Labrador Air Transport Ltd view
NRL / Nolinor Aviation view
NOA / Norontair view
NTM / North American Airlines Ltd view
HMR / North American Charters 2000 view
NCB / North Caribou Flying Service Ltd view
NCC / North Coast Air Services Ltd view
NRV / North Vancouver Airlines Ltd view
PTO / North West Geomatics Ltd view
/ U7 Northern Dene Airways Ltd view
NTA / Northern Thunderbird Air view
NAM / Northland Air Manitoba view
NAL / Northway Aviation Ltd view
NWT / Northwest Territorial Airways view
PLR / J3 Northwestern Aircraft Capital Corporation view
NWN / Northwinds Northern Inc view
NWL / HW North-Wright Airways view
PTR / Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forests view
NUN / Nunasi-Central Airlines view
ODY / Odyssey International view
LLO / Operation Enduring Freedom view
/ Ornge Global Air Inc view
PAB / Pacific Air Boats view
PCO / 8P Pacific Coastal Airlines view
SPR / PAL Provincial Airlines view
FAP / Parsons Airways Northern view
PEM / Pem-Air Ltd view
PAG / JV Perimeter Aviation view
MKS / Pimichikamac Air view
PTS / Points of Call Airlines view
POE / PD Porter Airlines view
PWL / Powell Air Ltd view
PWC / Pratt and Whitney Canada view
CME / Prince Edward Air view
PRO / Propair Inc view
GOA / Province of Alberta Government Services view
SLG / Province of Saskatchewan-Saskatchewan Government Northern Operations view
PRV / Provincial Express Inc view
PTA / Ptarmigan Airways Ltd view
QTX / Quantex Environmental view
QUE / Quebec Government Air Service view
RAY / RY Rainbow Air Canada view
\N / QY Red Jet Canada view
RAH / Regent Air Service Inc view
RGR / Region Air view
TSH / Regional 1 view
RDL / Roadair Lines view
FAD / Rog-Air Ltd view
RXP / Royal Aviation Express view
/ Royal Canadian Air Force view
HLO / Samaritan Air Service Ltd view
SSB / Sasair view
SGS / Saskatchewan Government Executive Air Service view
XTR / Sector Airlines view
SRS / Selkirk Remote Sensing view
SHR / Shooter Air Courier view
SFC / Shuswap Flight Centre view
NCS / Simpson Air Ltd view
\N / RS Sky Regional Airlines view
/ SkyCare Air Ambulance view
SKL / Skycharter (Malton) Ltd view
SKG / Skycraft Air Transport Inc view
SKK / Skylink Aviation Inc view
XXS / Skyplan Services view
SSV / 5G Skyservice Airlines view
SYB / Skyservice Business Aviation view
SGK / Skyward Aviation Inc view
SYJ / Slate Falls Airways (1987) Inc view
SML / Smith Air (1976) view
STI / Sontair Ltd view
SWC / South West Air Ltd view
SFS / Southern Frontier Air Transport Ltd view
SOW / Sowind Air Ltd view
SAQ / Springbank Aviation view
ACX / Square Pair Charters Inc view
SDA / St. Andrews Airways view
/ Starlink Aviation view
ORL / Station Air Limited view
XSN / Stephenville Aviation Services view
SNX / Sun Air Aviation Services view
SST / Sunwest Airlines view
CNK / Sunwest Aviation view
CNK / Sunwest Home Aviation Ltd view
SWG / WG Sunwing Airlines view
SCL / Switfair Cargo view
SYN / Syncrude Canada Ltd view
THU / Thunder Airlines Ltd view
TBD / Thunderbird Tours view
TMR / Timberline Air Ltd view
TAF / KI Time Air Canada view
TOR / Toronto Airways Ltd view
TOT / Totavia view
TOY / Toyota Canada Inc view
TWL / Tradewinds Aviation Inc view
LTA / Trans Atlantis view
TNT / Trans North Turbo Air view
TTZ / TZ Transair Canada view
TTZ / Transair Sweden view
TPY / Trans-Provincial Airlines view
ABS / 9T Transwest Air view
DRC / Triton Airlines view
FKL / V.Kelner Airways view
VAC / Vacationair view
/ 2R VIA Rail Canada view
VSN / Vision Airways Corporation view
VJT / Vistajet Aviation Services view
VAL / VC Voyageur Airways view
WAS / Walsten Air Services view
WPT / Wapiti Aviation view
ACA / AC Wardair Canada view
WSG / Wasaya Airways view
/ 8O West Coast Aircraft Shares LLC view
WEW / West Wind Aviation view
BLK / Westcoast Energy Inc view
WES / Western Express Air Lines Inc view
WJA / WS WestJet view
WEN / WR WestJet Encore view
WJA / WS Westjet Inc view
WTP / Westpoint Air International (Calgary) view
WRA / White River Air Services Ltd view
WE1 / W1 World Experience Airline view
XWW / World Weatherwatch view
WGC / WG Worldways Canada view
CSW / Worldwide Air Charter Systems view
WZP / 3J ZIP view
OOM / Z4 Zoom Airlines view
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