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Code Name  
/ 15 Wing Museum view
AAB / W9 Abelag Aviation view
ALF / Allied Command Europe (Mobile Force) view
TAY / 3V ASL Airlines Belgium view
BLG / Belgavia view
BAF / Belgian Air Force view
AYB / Belgian Army view
NYB / Belgian Navy view
FYG / Bradley Flying Service Inc view
DAT / SN Brussels Airlines view
BXI / Brussels International Airlines view
CTB / H2 City Bird view
/ Delta Air Transport view
EUC / Eurocontrol view
BCS / QY European Air Transport view
FYG / Flying Service NV view
GDB / Gendarmerie National-Belgian Police view
ITC / International Air Carrier Association view
JAF / JF JetairFly view
RVE / MBJ AirVentures LLC view
/ Musee Du 1 Wing view
\N / ZZ Nader Omer Al-Bazz view
XXX / OASL view
OCO / Ostend Air College view
SKS / Sky Service view
/ 2H Thalys view
TAY / 3V TNT Airways view
TUB / TB TUI Airlines Belgium view
SIT / XS Universita Telematica E-Campus view
FVG / VG Airlines (IV) view
VEX / TV Virgin Express view
VLM / VG VLM view