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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
PEL / OT Aeropelican Air Services view
/ Aerorescue view
ATI / HC Aero-Tropics Air Services view
AQN / QN Air Queensland view
JOA / Air Swift Aviation view
RWS / Air Whitsunday Seaplanes (Pty) Ltd view
AIY / Aircrew Check and Training Australia view
AIX / Aircruising Australia view
ATM / FO Airlines of Tasmania Pty Ltd view
ANO / TL AirNorth view
ADA / AirServices Australia Flying Unit view
LFP / Alfa Aerospace view
UTY / QQ Alliance Airlines view
AAA / AN Ansett Australia view
LRT / ASA Airlines of South Australia view
AXF / HJ Asian Express Airlines view
AUS / NO Aus-Air view
AAU / Australia Asia Airlines view
XME / XM Australian Air Express view
AUZ / AO Australian Airlines view
CWP / Australian Customs Service view
RES / Australian Maritime Safety Authority view
AWL / Australian Wetleasing view
QEA / Aviation Consultancy Office view
/ Avtex Air Services view
BAZ / BAE Systems Flight Training (Australia) (Pty) Ltd view
NWW / British North West Airlines view
CTO / Cape Air Transport view
CQC / Central Queensland Aviation College view
CHS / Challenge Aviation view
HEM / CHC Helicopters International view
/ China Southern West Australian Flying College view
JTE / NC Cobham Aviation view
GAR / Commodore Aviation view
/ Commonwealth Bank of Australia view
CYM / Compass Airlines (Australia) view
NSW / Country Connection Airlines view
EAQ / Eastern Australia Airlines view
ELA / DK Eastland Air view
EWA / East-West Airlines view
/ Flight Options Australia (Pty) Ltd view
FWQ / YC Flight West Airlines view
FKA / Flying kangaroo Airline view
/ FMG Air (Pty) Ltd view
FGY / Froggy Corporate Aviation view
GFW / GFW Aviation view
GOS / Goldfields Air Services view
HZL / Hazelton Airlines view
HVY / HN Heavylift Cargo Airlines view
HAC / Henebury Aviation view
IDP / Independent Air Freighters view
IPA / IPEC Aviation view
RZA / Jet Fighter Flights view
JCC / Jetcraft Aviation view
JGO / JG JetGo Australia view
JST / JQ Jetstar Airways view
KDA / Kendell Airlines view
LRT / Lincoln Airlines view
/ FC Link Airways view
LAW / Link Airways of Australia view
MCK / CC Macair Airlines view
MTD / MacKnight Airlines view
/ KN Maroomba Airlines view
JTE / National Jet Express view
NJS / NC National Jet Systems view
NDS / Nordstree (Australia) view
NWR / FY Northwest Regional Airlines view
OCM / UQ O'Connor Airlines view
OPA / Opal Air Inc view
OAX / Operational Aviation Services view
ORC / OI Orchid Airlines view
OAA / Oxley Aviation (Pty) Ltd-Oxley Sports Dome-Wanless Environmental Services view
OZJ / O7 Ozjet Airlines view
PCV / Pacific Aviation (Australia) view
PAR / Pacific Rim Airways view
QFA / QF Qantas view
QLK / QF QantasLink view
QWA / Qwestair view
/ RAAF Heritage Collection view
RXA / ZL REX - Regional Express view
/ Royal Australian Air Force Historic Flight view
/ Royal Australian Navy (RAN) view
/ 1Z Sabre Pacific view
SHA / SH Sharp Airlines view
SKP / NP Skytrans Airlines view
\N / XR Skywest Australia view
/ 1K Southern Cross Distribution view
AGC / VC Strategic Airlines - Australia view
EXL / CQ Sunshine Express Airlines (Pty) Ltd view
SSQ / Sunstate Airlines view
/ Surveillance Australia view
TMN / HJ Tasman Cargo Airlines view
/ Temora Aviation Museum Inc view
TGW / TT Tiger Airways Australia view
TGG / TT Tigerair Australia view
AUC / Transaustralian Air Express view
TPP / Transpac Express view
CFH / Tri-State Care Flight LLC view
VAU / VA V Australia view
VOZ / VA Virgin Australia view
OZW / XR Virgin Australia Regional view
VBI / DJ Virgin Blue Airlines view
WWL / Whyalla Airlines view
8K8 / 88 Woodhall Australia Pty Ltd view
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