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Code Name  
AOG / 2D Aero VIP view
ARG / AR Aerolineas Argentinas view
\N / T8 Air Mauretanie view
LMP / Air Plus Argentina view
AL1 / L1 All Argentina view
AFB / WK American Falcon view
ANS / Andes Lineas Aereas view
FAG / Argentine Air Force-Fuerza Aerea Argentina view
/ Argentine Army Aviation-Ejercito Argentino view
/ Argentine Gendarmerie-Gendarmeria Nacional Argentina view
/ Argentine Navy-Armada de la Republica Argentina view
/ Argentine Police-Policia Federal de Argentina view
AUT / AU Austral Lineas Aereas view
CTZ / CATA Linea Aerea view
RDN / D7 Dinar view
/ Government of Argentina view
HKR / Kitty Hawk Aircraft Sales Inc view
LDE / LADE - Lineas Aereas Del Estado view
DSM / 4M LAN Argentina view
FED / Lineas Aereas Federales view
\N / N0 Norte Lineas Aereas view
NAA / DN Norwegian Air Argentina view
PTC / Patria Cargas Aereas S.A. view
OLS / SOL Lineas Aereas view
SWD / A4 Southern Winds Airlines view
STU / FS STAF - Servicios de Transportes Aereos Fueginos view
SZZ / SUR Lineas Aereas view
TPS / TAPSA Transportes Aereos Petroleros view