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Construction List - DC-3

  Serial Line No Model Reg Current/Last Operator Status
Not Seen It 01997 DC-3-201 N18121 Blue Skies Air LLC Active
Not Seen It 02169 DC-3-313 N26MA PM Leasing Inc Active
Not Seen It 02236 DC-3-201C N25648 Unknown Stored
Not Seen It 06261 DC-3-454 C-FTDJ Canada Aviation and Space Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 06346 DC-3A-453 OH-LCH Airveteran OY Active
Not Seen It 1911 DC-3A-197 EI-AYO Wroughton Science Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 1944 DC-3-194B VH-ANR Queensland Air Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 1969 DC-3-209 HK-3350 SAEP-Servicios Aereos de Exploracion de Petrolos Left Fleet
Not Seen It 1995 DC-3-229 Dakota D-21 (OK-XDM) Kbely Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 2029 DC-3 VH-ABR Ansett Transport Industries Pty Ltd Active
Not Seen It 2053 DC-3-253 N41HQ Mid America Flight Museum Stored
Not Seen It 2108 DC-3-201A N4565L Hibernian Dakota Flight Preserved
Not Seen It 2193 DC-3A-S1C3G N600RC Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 2202 DC-3-227B N21798 CR Smith Aviation Museum Foundation Preserved
Not Seen It 2204 DC-3-277B HB-IRJ Super Constellation Flyers Assocation Active
Not Seen It 4120 DC-3-396 VH-ANH Moorabbin Air Museum Stored
Not Seen It 4122 DC-3 (G202A) N30TN TransNorthern Aviation Active
Not Seen It 4282 DC-3-R4D-1 MT-203 Technology Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 4423 DC-3-A-360 VR-HDB Cathay Pacific Airways Stored
Not Seen It 4785 DC-3C-S1C3G C-FFAY Hay River Air Services Ltd Stored
Not Seen It 9995 DC-3C-S1C3G N431HM Aircraft Guaranty Corporation Trustee Active
Not Seen It 15124 DC-3C-R-1830-90C G-AMPY Heritage Air Services Ltd Left Fleet
Not Seen It 16218 32966 DC-3 G-AMCA BST Aviation Holdings Ltd Left Fleet
Not Seen It 20833 DC-3-C-S1C3G C-GZOF Wag Air Crashed
Not Seen It 25313 DC-3C C-FGXW KF Aerospace Centre for Excellence Association Active
Not Seen It 25610 DC-3 Turbo 5Y-WOW Mombasa Air Safari Active
Not Seen It 32820 DC-3C-R-1830-90C G-AMSV Rajeev Chandrasekhar Active
Not Seen It 42962 DC-3D SE-CFT Loadair Left Fleet
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