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Serial Corrections

Premium Posted by Warthog1 on 22 October 2017 - 17:15:04
31 posts, 34263 aircraft seen at 297 airports. Local Airport: SOU

I notice all aircraft serials that contain codes or 'pseudo civil' markings separated by an oblique '/' are inaccessible in the database (for example IDFAF B707 255/4X-JYB and all French AF serials that have their call sign after the '/' - for example xxx/F-RAxx).

If the obliques (/) were made into hyphens (-) we would be able to access them and put our logs together.

Thanks in advance, Brian

Data Editor Posted by DT on 24 October 2017 - 07:56:23
1994 posts, 26508 aircraft seen at 140 airports. Local Airport: DUS

Hi Brian,

I have updated all F-RAxx and the israeli series 4X-Jxx and continuing with the French AF. If you see anything, just mention it in the "Sending additions/corrections" thread and we´ll fix it.



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