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Sending corrections/additions(25)

Posted by Mike on 31 May 2017 - 04:11:51
12 posts, 4429 aircraft seen at 76 airports. Local Airport: Not specified

HK-4029 First flight 12/10/1965 Delivered 22/10/1965. First registration YK-AFA Syrian Arab Airlines. Second registration TZ-ADS Air Mali From F-GEPC onwards are okay Mike

Data Editor Posted by DT on 31 May 2017 - 07:13:58
1959 posts, 26435 aircraft seen at 141 airports. Local Airport: DUS

Hi Mike,

I have added the history to that Caravelle, thanks for the update: https://www.planelogger.com/Aircraft/Registration/YK-AFA/867862

My request once more: Please do not post every update or request in a separate thread (especially with the same name) but use the common ones started by one of the database editors because otherwise it is getting confusing. Thanks.



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