Singapore Changi International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
08/10/2018 HB-JNI 777-300(ER) (Swiss) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9V-OFD 787-8 Dreamliner (Scoot) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 B-LAL A330-343 (Cathay Pacific Airways) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9V-TAV A320-232 (Scoot) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9V-MBC 737-8 MAX (Silk Air) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9V-SWP 777-312(ER) (Singapore Airlines) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9V-JSO A320-232 (Jetstar Asia) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 VN-A695 A320-214 (VietJetAir) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9V-SSE A330-343 (Singapore Airlines) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 N859FD 777-FS2 (Federal Express (FedEx)) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9V-STY A330-343 (Singapore Airlines) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9M-AHR A320-216 (AirAsia) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9V-SKG A380-841 (Singapore Airlines) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9M-AQX A320-216(WL) (AirAsia) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 B-1560 737-8LW(WL) (Hebei Airlines) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 PK-LJZ 737-9GP(ER)(WL) (Lion Air) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 PK-AZJ A320-216 (Indonesia AirAsia) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 9V-JSJ A320-232 (Jetstar Asia) aerorobnz
08/10/2018 HZ-ARH 787-9 Dreamliner (Saudi Arabian Airlines) aerorobnz
04/08/2018 9V-SMU A350-941 (Singapore Airlines) Ashwo99
03/08/2018 9V-OFB 787-8 Dreamliner (Scoot) Ashwo99
24/07/2018 9V-SMF A350-941 (Singapore Airlines) Ashwo99
24/07/2018 9V-SLQ A320-233 (SilkAir) Ashwo99
24/07/2018 9V-OJB 787-9 Dreamliner (Scoot) Ashwo99
24/07/2018 9V-OFE 787-8 Dreamliner (Scoot) Ashwo99
24/07/2018 N26970 787-9 Dreamliner (United Airlines) Ashwo99
15/07/2018 VH-VKB 787-8 Dreamliner (Jetstar Airways) Grant
08/06/2018 A7-ALJ A350-941 (Qatar Airways) rhoward
02/06/2018 9V-SWP 777-312(ER) (Singapore Airlines) rhoward
02/06/2018 9V-SRP 777-212(ER) (Singapore Airlines) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-SVJ 777-212(ER) (Singapore Airlines) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-OFG 787-8 Dreamliner (Scoot) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-MGA 737-8SA(WL) (SilkAir) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-OFI 787-8 Dreamliner (Scoot) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-SSH A330-343 (Singapore Airlines) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-SYI 777-312 (Singapore Airlines) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-MGK 737-8SA(WL) (SilkAir) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-MGI 737-8SA(WL) (SilkAir) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-SSH A330-343 (Singapore Airlines) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-MGH 737-8SA(WL) (SilkAir) rhoward
19/05/2018 9V-SWP 777-312(ER) (Singapore Airlines) rhoward
15/05/2018 9V-SMQ A350-941 (Singapore Airlines) Speedbird76
15/05/2018 9V-STC A330-343 (Singapore Airlines) Speedbird76
15/05/2018 9V-SMO A350-941 (Singapore Airlines) Speedbird76
15/05/2018 9V-SMT A350-941 (Singapore Airlines) Speedbird76
15/05/2018 9V-STU A330-343 (Singapore Airlines) Speedbird76
15/05/2018 9V-SWZ 777-312(ER) (Singapore Airlines) Speedbird76