Opa-locka Executive Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
07/04/2018 N402EF Challenger 300 (Edinton Holdings USA Inc) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N833E Gulfstream V (Eloina Aviation Inc) A320FAN
07/04/2018 MH-65D Aerospatiale-HH-65 Dolphin (US COAST GUARD ) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N705GB C-47-A-DL (J and E Aviation Leasing Inc) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N570LT Cessna 510 Citation-Mustang (Bank of Utah Trustee) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N137WB Gulfstream G200 (G 137 LLC) A320FAN
07/04/2018 M-YSIX Gulfstream G650-ER (ExecuJet UK) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N813TA Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XP (B. No. 200 Corporation) A320FAN
07/04/2018 P4-XTL 777-29M(LR) (Crystal Luxury Air) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N345GS R4Y-1/C-131F (Conquest Air Cargo) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N480CH 737-72T(BBJ) (Crescent Heights) A320FAN
07/04/2018 YV569T Gulfstream II (Private Operator) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N723AB Global 5000 (Fairwind Air Charter) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N401S Cessna -208B (BASCOM AVIATION LLC ) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N911AR BELL -412EP (MIAMI DADE FIRE & RESCUE ) A320FAN
07/04/2018 N88ZL 707-330B (Lowa) A320FAN
07/04/2018 PR-FLX 737-3K9 (Flex Linhas Aereas) A320FAN
07/04/2018 UK-12005 Antonov-AN-12BP (SRX Aero) A320FAN
07/04/2018 UK-12002 Antonov-AN-12BP (SRX Aero) A320FAN
07/04/2018 UK-11418 Antonov-AN-12BP (SRX Aero) A320FAN
29/03/2018 N345GS R4Y-1/C-131F (Conquest Air Cargo) p.loughnane
29/03/2018 N581P Convair CV-340-31 (Air Tahoma Inc) p.loughnane
29/03/2018 N342GS R4Y-1/C-131F- (Great Southern Airways LLC (Miami Lakes FL)) p.loughnane
29/03/2018 N343GS R4Y-1/C-131F- (Great Southern Airways LLC (Miami Lakes FL)) p.loughnane
29/03/2018 XA-TIC ATR 42-300 (Aeromar) p.loughnane
21/09/2017 N513MA Gulfstream IV- (Elite Aero Group LLC) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N271SE C-47-B-20-DK (Alen Enterprises) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N725CG Cessna 525 Citation M2 (Tango Lima LLC) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 YV560T A300B4-203 (Transcarga International Airways) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N660AS 560 Citation-XLS+ (Bank of Utah Trustee) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 YV2694 EMB-120-RT (Transcarga International Airways) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 PR-FLX 737-3K9 (Flex Linhas Aereas) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N414PE Raytheon/Hawker 125-800SP (White Flight Inc) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N155SJ Learjet 55ER- (Harbor Aviation LLC) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N94AF Learjet 35A- (Ameriflight) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 HK-4982 Learjet 35A- (Heligolfo) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N880DP MD-82 (Roundball LLC-Detroit Pistons) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N3618F A319-115X (Pharmair Corp) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N343GS R4Y-1/C-131F- (Great Southern Airways LLC (Miami Lakes FL)) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N381MQ Shorts 360- (Sky Way Enterprises) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N127GG Gulfstream V- (Vesey Air LLC) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N445SE Learjet 45- (Southeastern Freight Lines Inc) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N911YA PH100- (Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N833TM Raytheon/Hawker 125-800XP (Aircraft Holding Company One LLC) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N480CH 737-72T(BBJ) (Crescent Heights) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N312AM Challenger-604 (Helen Homes Leasing LLC) blue_aviator77
21/09/2017 N523AR CL-605- (Bank of Utah Trustee) blue_aviator77