Nottingham Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
02/11/2018 G-PTTC Reims-Cessna-F152 (Pilot Training and Testing Ltd) Johnny1979
31/10/2018 N113BP Piper-PA46-350P Malibi Mirage (Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee) Johnny1979
31/10/2018 G-HMEC Robinson-R22 Beta (Helimech Limited) Johnny1979
31/10/2018 G-ZOOB Tecnam-P-2008JC (Century Aviation Limited) Johnny1979
30/10/2018 G-SAFA AugustaWestland-AW109S Grand (Myheli Ltd) Johnny1979
29/10/2018 N131CD Cirrus SR-20 (N131CD Inc Trustee) Johnny1979
29/10/2018 G-PACO Sikorsky S-76C (Cardinal Helicopter Services (IOM) Ltd) Johnny1979
29/10/2018 G-OAWM Cirrus-SR20 GTS G3 (AWM General Aviation Limited) Johnny1979
27/10/2018 M-DSKY Socata-TBM930 (Sterna Aviation Limited) Johnny1979
27/10/2018 G-BPKF Grob-G115 (Almat Aviation Ltd) Johnny1979
27/10/2018 G-JKEE Dimond-DA47NG Twin Star (Morgan Land and Air Ltd) Johnny1979
27/10/2018 G-FFWD Cessna 310R (Tyrone Shaun Courtman) Johnny1979
27/10/2018 M-TBEA Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2 (Bealaw (Man) 8 Ltd) Johnny1979
24/10/2018 2-BYDF Sikorsky-S-76A (Brecqhou Development Ltd) Johnny1979
24/10/2018 G-SAWG Scheibe-SF-25C Turbo-Falke (The RAF Gliding and Soaring Association LTD) Johnny1979
24/10/2018 N109TK Agusta-A109C (Botany Aviation Inc Owner Trustee) Johnny1979
24/10/2018 G-DVIP A-109E Power (Castle Air Ltd) Johnny1979
23/10/2018 G-EGLT Cessna 310R (RVL Aviation Ltd) Johnny1979
18/10/2018 G-CPLH Guimbal-Cabri G2 (Helicentre Aviation Ltd) Johnny1979
10/10/2018 G-BTGZ Piper-PA28 () b318isp
05/10/2018 G-CZOS Cirrus SR20 (Lismore Instruments Ltd) Johnny1979
28/09/2018 G-NBCA Pilatus PC12-47E (Narm Aviation Ltd) Nottinghamlad
27/09/2018 G-BGGE Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk (Smart People Dont Buy Ltd) Johnny1979
27/09/2018 G-SACR Piper-PA28-161 Cadet (Sherburn Aero Club) Johnny1979
21/09/2018 G-HRDB A-109S Grand (Freshair UK Ltd) Johnny1979
17/09/2018 G-OXFD Piper PA-34 (Oxford Aviation Academy (Oxford)) Johnny1979
17/09/2018 N182GC Reims-Cessna-F182Q Skylane (Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc Trustee) Johnny1979
15/09/2018 G-EJTC R44 Raven II (Nicholas Parkhouse) Johnny1979
15/09/2018 G-UAPO Ruschmeyer R90-230RG (Peter Randall) Johnny1979
15/09/2018 G-BYWY Grob-G115E Tutor T1 (Babcock Aerospace Ltd) Johnny1979
15/09/2018 G-BYWI Grob-G115E Tutor T1 (Babcock Aerospace Ltd) Johnny1979
15/09/2018 G-BYUZ Grob-G115E Tutor T1 (Babcock Aerospace Ltd) Johnny1979
15/09/2018 G-PRPD DHC-8-402Q (Flybe) Johnny1979
15/09/2018 N200GK King Air B200 (Executive Air Terminal Inc) Johnny1979
13/09/2018 G-GYUE Grob-G115 Tutor T1 () Johnny1979
13/09/2018 G-BYUE Grob-G115 Tutor T1 (Babcock Aerospace Limited) Johnny1979
02/09/2018 G-BLWY Pierre-Robin-R200 (Pure Aviation Support Services LTD) Johnny1979
02/09/2018 G-BYUC Grob-G115E Tutor I (Babcock Aerospace Limited) Johnny1979
01/09/2018 G-BYWR Grob-G-115E Tutor T1 (Babcock Aerospace Limited) Johnny1979
27/08/2018 G-GUSS PA 28-151 (The Sierra Flying Group) Johnny1979
13/08/2018 N223KB Cirrus-SR22T (Sancerre Inc Trustee) Johnny1979
10/08/2018 SE-MAN Bae ATP (West Air Sweden) Johnny1979
10/08/2018 G-FBJA ERJ-175-STD (ERJ-170-200) (Flybe) Johnny1979
10/08/2018 G-BFGL Cessna FA152M Aerobat (E-Plane Ltd) Johnny1979
08/08/2018 G-SKBH AugustaWestland-AW-109SP Grand New (Sky Border Logistics Limited) Johnny1979
08/08/2018 N836TP Beech-A36 Bonanza (Hastingwood Aviation Inc) Johnny1979
08/08/2018 D-IXXX Cessna 525 CitationJet CJ1 (Proair Aviation) Johnny1979