Kent International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
24/12/2013 ZS-DJI 767-200 (Aeronexus) WednesdayLee
24/12/2013 LX-VCH 747-8 F (Cargolux Airlines International) WednesdayLee
28/04/2013 N493EV 747-4H6 (Evergreen International Airlines) ScoobyDid
29/01/2013 TC-ACG 747-481 (ACT Airlines) ScoobyDid
29/01/2013 EW-275TI Antonov An-12BK (RubyStar) ScoobyDid
29/01/2013 ZS-OSI DC-8-62H (Stars Away Aviation) ScoobyDid
29/01/2013 LX-YCV 747-4R7F (Cargolux Airlines International) ScoobyDid
29/01/2013 N381WA MD-11-F (World Airways) ScoobyDid
28/11/2012 LV-AZF 747-267B (Southern Winds) Chas
09/10/2012 9G-MKA DC-8-55CF (MK Air Cargo) mick turner
05/10/2012 D-ACGC 747-412 (Air Cargo Germany) mick turner
05/10/2012 LV-AZF 747-267B (Southern Winds) mick turner
05/10/2012 TF-AMC 747-2B3F (Air Atlanta Icelandic) mick turner
05/10/2012 N707QJ 707-368C (Thomas M Vaughan) mick turner
05/10/2012 N309TD 747-269B (WFBN) mick turner
05/10/2012 TC-ACF 747-481 (Mycargo Airlines) mick turner
05/10/2012 ZS-OSI DC-8-62H (Stars Away Aviation) mick turner
05/10/2012 TF-ARU 747-344 (Air Atlanta Icelandic) mick turner
26/07/2012 ZS-OSI DC-8-62H (Stars Away Aviationn) FerryPNL
26/07/2012 D-CPSW Merlin II (BinAir Aero Services) FerryPNL
26/07/2012 N309TD 747-269B (WFBN Wells Fargo Bank Northwest) FerryPNL
26/07/2012 LV-AZF 747-267B (Southern Winds) FerryPNL
26/07/2012 TF-AMC 747-2B3F (Air Atlanta Icelandic) FerryPNL
26/07/2012 TF-ARU 747-344 (Air Atlanta Icelandic) FerryPNL
10/03/2012 ZS-OSI DC-8-62H (Stars Away Aviation) erdni
10/03/2012 TF-ARU 747-344 (Air Atlanta Icelandic) erdni
10/03/2012 N309TD 747-269B (Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee) erdni
10/03/2012 LV-AZF 747-267B (Southern Winds) erdni
10/03/2012 9G-MKA DC-8-55CF (MK Air Cargo) erdni
10/03/2012 D-AVRH RJ85 (Lufthansa Cityline) erdni
10/03/2012 5X-JOE DC-10-30CF (DAS Air Cargo) erdni
10/03/2012 G-BTHY Bell 206-B (SUFFOLK HELICOPTERS LTD) erdni
19/02/2012 N380WA MD-11-F (World Airways) WednesdayLee
19/02/2012 N256LJ BAe 146-300 (SAC) WednesdayLee
19/02/2012 TF-AAA 747-200 F (Cargolux Airlines International) WednesdayLee
01/10/2011 N437UH Jetstream 31-3100 (Southern Aircraft Consultancy) WednesdayLee
01/10/2011 N437TH Jetstream 31-3100 (Southern Aircraft Consultancy) WednesdayLee
01/10/2011 D-CJET 525B Citation-Jet III (Air Hamburg) WednesdayLee
26/02/2011 N437SS Jetstream 31 (Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc) WednesdayLee
26/02/2011 TF-ARU 747-300 (Air Atlanta Icelandic) WednesdayLee
26/02/2011 G-BSNR BAe 146-300 (Trident Aviation Leasing Services) WednesdayLee
26/02/2011 G-UKAG BAe 146-300 (Trident Aviation Leasing Services) WednesdayLee
26/02/2011 ZS-OSI DC-8-62H (Stars Away Aviation) WednesdayLee
08/08/2010 N383WA MD-11 (World Airways) WednesdayLee
08/08/2010 N952CA 747-400 F (National Air Cargo) WednesdayLee
17/04/2010 G-UKRC BAe 146-300 (British Aerospace) WednesdayLee
17/04/2010 LX-ZCV 747-400 F (Cargolux Airlines International) WednesdayLee