Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
15/06/2018 N248NV A320-214(WL) (Allegiant Air) JasonKY
15/06/2018 N312AA 767-223 (ABX Air) JasonKY
15/06/2018 N519LR CRJ-701-LR (Mesa Airlines) JasonKY
15/06/2018 N636RW ERJ-170-SE (ERJ-170-100 SE) (Shuttle America) JasonKY
15/06/2018 N711KT 550 Citation-Bravo (Knauss Ventures LLC) JasonKY
15/06/2018 N774DE 737-8EH(WL) (Delta Air Lines) JasonKY
15/06/2018 N787AX 767-281 (ABX Air) JasonKY
15/06/2018 N908DA MD-90-30 (Delta Air Lines) JasonKY
15/06/2018 N914XJ CRJ-900-LR (Endeavor Air) JasonKY
15/06/2018 N8837B CRJ-440 (Pinnacle Airlines) JasonKY
10/05/2018 N743CK 747-246B (Kalitta Air) tonypp
06/05/2018 N621CS 680 Citation-Sover (Bank of Utah Trustee) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N312AA 767-223 (ABX Air) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N255CM 767-223 (Air Transport International) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N241DH Merlin II (Ameriflight) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N488AF Merlin II (Ameriflight) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N178BR 560 Citation-Excel (HRL Ventures LLC) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N313JL Challenger 300 (JNL Equipment Leasing LLC) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N560ZS 560 Citation-Ultra (Southern Counties Oil Company) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N718FR A321-211(WL) (Frontier Airlines) JetChaser
06/05/2018 XA-MRC A300-B4-203 (AeroUnion) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N788AX 767-281 (ABX Air) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N408PC Beech 400A (Pridgeon & Clay Inc) JetChaser
06/05/2018 N309GT 737-4Q8 (Southern Air) JetChaser
26/03/2018 D-AALE 777-FZN (AeroLogic) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N446MC 747-4B5F(ER) (Atlas Air) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N205FR A320-214 (Frontier Airlines) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N252NV A320-214(WL) (Allegiant Air) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N331AZ 767-319(ER) (Amazon Prime Air) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N1381A 767-316(ER)(WL) (Amazon Prime Air) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N3746H 737-832(WL) (Delta Air Lines) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N795AX 767-281 (ABX Air) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N749AX 767-232 (ABX Air) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N777SA 777-FZB (Southern Air) INDspotter
26/03/2018 N430SW CRJ-200ER (SkyWest Airlines) INDspotter
10/12/2017 N906XJ CRJ-900-LR (Endeavor Air) PDX_Bigfoot
10/12/2017 N934DL MD-88 (Delta Air Lines) PDX_Bigfoot
10/12/2017 N776DE 737-8EH(WL) (Delta Air Lines) PDX_Bigfoot
10/12/2017 N3772H 737-832(WL) (Delta Air Lines) PDX_Bigfoot
10/12/2017 N938DL MD-88 (Delta Air Lines) PDX_Bigfoot
06/12/2017 N174DN 767-332(ER)(WL) (Delta Air Lines) PDX_Bigfoot
06/12/2017 N395DN 737-832(WL) (Delta Air Lines) PDX_Bigfoot
06/12/2017 N917EV CRJ-200ER (SkyWest Airlines) PDX_Bigfoot
06/12/2017 N730EV CRJ-701 (ExpressJet Airlines) PDX_Bigfoot
06/12/2017 N328NV A319-111 (Allegiant Air) PDX_Bigfoot
23/01/2017 N325NV A319-111 (Allegiant Air) PDX_Bigfoot
23/01/2017 N326NV A319-111 (Allegiant Air) PDX_Bigfoot