Friedrichshafen Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
11/09/2018 D-CLAV EMB-505 Phenom 300 (Herrenknecht Aviation GmbH) DT
11/09/2018 HB-JOI A321-211(WL) (Germania Flug) DT
11/09/2018 D-ILAP EMB-500 Phenom 100 (Liebherr Geschaftsreise-Flugzeug) DT
11/09/2018 D-BMAD Dornier 328 JET-300 (SUN-Air of Scandinavia) DT
11/09/2018 D-CLAM EMB-505 Phenom 300 (Liebherr Geschaftsreise Flugzeug) DT
01/09/2018 EI-DHN 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) spotter73
01/09/2018 HA-LYZ A320-232(WL) (Wizz Air) spotter73
01/09/2018 EI-GDK 737-800(WL) (Ryanair) spotter73
01/09/2018 OE-FLG Cessna 525 Citation-Jet CJ1 (Smartline Luftfahrt GmbH) spotter73
27/08/2018 HB-LKM Piper Pa-34-200T (Motorfluggruppe Zürich) spotter73
27/08/2018 D-ABLA 737-76J(WL) (Germania) spotter73
27/08/2018 D-ACNV CRJ-900-LR (Lufthansa Cityline) spotter73
27/08/2018 D-EPUS Piper-PA-46-500TP Malibu (Unknown) spotter73
27/08/2018 HB-KGC Cirrus-SR22T (Private) spotter73
27/08/2018 D-HMMO Robinson Helicopter Co-R44 ( spotter73
27/08/2018 D-MBAN Ikarus-C42B (Private) spotter73
27/08/2018 D-EIZY Cessna-172RG Cutlass (Private) spotter73
31/12/2017 G-EZPB A320-214(WL) (EasyJet) spotter73
31/12/2017 D-AGER 737-75B (Germania) spotter73
31/12/2017 OE-HTR Dassault-Falcon 2000 (Private) spotter73
24/12/2017 OE-FAT Cessna 510 Citation-Mustang (GlobeAir AG) spotter73
01/10/2017 D-ACNV CRJ-900LR (Lufthansa Cityline) Rexco
01/10/2017 D-ACND CRJ-900LR (Lufthansa Cityline) Rexco
30/09/2017 OE-LIA DHC-8-311 (InterSky) Rexco
30/09/2017 D-ACNA CRJ-900LR (Lufthansa Cityline) Rexco
30/09/2017 D-AGER 737-75B (Germania) Rexco
30/09/2017 D-LZZF Zeppelin LZ N07-100 Airship (DZR Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei) Rexco
30/09/2017 D-LZFN Zeppelin LZ N07-100 Airship (DZR Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei) Rexco
30/09/2017 D-LZFN Zeppelin LZ N07-100 Airship (DZR Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei) Rexco
29/09/2017 HA-LYP A320-232(WL) (Wizz Air) Rexco
24/07/2017 D-AGEP 737-75B(WL) (Germania) spotter73
24/07/2017 D-AGES 737-75B(WL) (Germania) spotter73
08/04/2017 OE-FCZ Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2+ (Avcon Jet AG) Chas
08/04/2017 N545EE EMB-505-Phenom 300 (Embraer Executive Aircraft Inc) Chas
08/04/2017 D-IDAS EMB-500-Phenom 100 (DAS Private Jets) Chas
08/04/2017 D-CGFM Learjet 31A- (GFD - Gesellschaft fuer Flugzieldarstellungen mbH) Chas
08/04/2017 M-OLLY 525 Citation-Jet (MBK Maschinenbau GmbH) Chas
08/04/2017 D-ISRM 510 Mustang- (Inovex Charter GmbH) Chas
08/04/2017 TC-JVS 737-8F2(WL) (Turkish Airlines) Chas
23/04/2016 S5-CBB King Air 200 (Renee Air-Janez Let d.o.o.) rshaw41459
23/04/2016 M-OBIL 525C Citation-Jet IV (Popken Fashion Services GmbH) rshaw41459
23/04/2016 OE-FGK 525 Citation-Jet (Salzburg Jet Aviation GmbH) rshaw41459
23/04/2016 N6081F Commander 114B (DSS Inc) rshaw41459
23/04/2016 D-GAST Pa.34 Seneca III (Private) rshaw41459
23/04/2016 F-HDNY DA.42 Twin Star (Private) rshaw41459
23/04/2016 OO-TTD AS.350BA Ecureuil (Bedrjfswagens Degroote) rshaw41459
23/04/2016 D-MZKA Zlin Savage (Private) rshaw41459