Exeter International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
08/12/2018 D-IIVA P.180 Avanti II (AirGo Flugservice GmbH) First1
03/12/2018 G-HEOI EC-135P2+ (Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire) First1
15/11/2018 M-JNJL Global 5000- (Global Thirteen Worldwide Resources Ltd) First1
15/11/2018 G-PERG EMB-505 Phenom 300 (Air Charter Scotland) First1
15/11/2018 OE-FKO Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2+ (Avcon Jet AG) First1
08/11/2018 F-HSFJ 680A Citation-Latitude (SFJ Aviation) First1
08/11/2018 CS-CHC Challenger 350 (Netjets Europe) First1
05/11/2018 G-XDEA Diamond DA 42 Twin Star (James McNab Pirrie) First1
01/11/2018 G-JMCP 737-3T0F (West Atlantic UK) Tristardelta
01/11/2018 G-FBJG ERJ-175-STD (ERJ-170-200) (Flybe) Tristardelta
01/11/2018 N202N Learjet 60- (LJ60 LLC) First1
01/11/2018 OK-ALT Piper PA-46-500TP Meridian (Aeromec) Tristardelta
29/10/2018 G-BCEN BN-2A Islander-2A-26 (Reconnaissance Ventures) First1
29/10/2018 ZZ105 Agusta AW101-612 Merlin (Royal Navy) First1
24/10/2018 D-CSEB 560 Citation-XLS+ (Adolf Werth KG) Tristardelta
24/10/2018 G-CBFN ROBIN HR 100-200 B (FOXTROT NOVEMBER GROUP) Tristardelta
24/10/2018 LX-FPF Cessna 525B Citation-Jet CJ3 (Flying Services Luxembourg) Tristardelta
24/10/2018 G-WYSZ Robin DR400-100 (Exavia Ltd) Tristardelta
24/10/2018 G-RSKR Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II (Aviation Advice and Consulting Ltd) Tristardelta
24/10/2018 G-FLYW Super King Air-B200 (FlyWales) Tristardelta
24/10/2018 D-IEKU Cessna 525A Citation-Jet CJ2 (Klaus Union) Tristardelta
24/10/2018 9H-AOA Cessna 680A Citation-Latitude (Albinati Aviation Ltd) Tristardelta
24/10/2018 G-CTSE Diamond DA 40-NG Diamond Star (Escola de Aviacao Aerocondor SA) Tristardelta
24/10/2018 G-CWTT Cessna 182-T Skylane (Stephen Brian Turner) Tristardelta
23/10/2018 ZJ-THC Cessna 525C Citation-Jet CJ4 (Tower House Consultants Ltd) Airbusyoung
23/10/2018 D-CAWS Cessna 680 Citation-Sovereign (Aerowest) Airbusyoung
23/10/2018 G-CBFN ROBIN HR 100-200 B (FOXTROT NOVEMBER GROUP) Airbusyoung
23/10/2018 D-IEKU Cessna 525A Citation-Jet CJ2 (Klaus Union) Airbusyoung
23/10/2018 M-POWR King Air 65-C90A (Northside Aviation Ltd) Airbusyoung
23/10/2018 LX-FPF Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (Flying Services Luxembourg) Airbusyoung
23/10/2018 OO-GLM Cessna 680 Citation-Sovereign (ASL - Air Service Liege NV) Airbusyoung
21/10/2018 166376 Gulfstream V-C-37B (United States Navy) First1
16/10/2018 N224RC Cirrus SR22 (N499AG Inc Trustee) First1
16/10/2018 G-AVNN Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee (G-AVNN Flying Group) First1
16/10/2018 G-BGIU Cessna F172H Skyhawk (Stevan John Windle) First1
10/10/2018 G-BPWR Cessna 172-K Skyhawk (Jonathan Aveston Rees) Airbusyoung
10/10/2018 N147KB Cirrus SR-22 (1869 Holding Inc Trustee) Airbusyoung
10/10/2018 G-BAYO Cessna 150-L (Jonathan Aveston Rees) Airbusyoung
10/10/2018 G-OICU Learjet 45 (Capital Air Ambulance Ltd) Airbusyoung
10/10/2018 G-RSKR Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II (Aviation Advice and Consulting Ltd) Airbusyoung
10/10/2018 G-FANL Cessna 172-K Skyhawk (Jonathan Aveston Rees) Airbusyoung
10/10/2018 G-CKXN CRJ-900-ER (Falko Regional Aircraft) Airbusyoung
07/10/2018 N663KK Cirrus SR22 (Southern Aircraft Consultancy) Tristardelta
07/10/2018 N203CD Cirrus SR20 (Mustarrow Inc Trustee) Tristardelta
07/10/2018 N771HM Falcon 2000LX (HMHC Inc) Tristardelta
07/10/2018 CS-DXL Cessna 560 Citation-Excel (Netjets Europe) Tristardelta
07/10/2018 G-DCAM AS-355-NP Ecureuil 2 (Cameron Charters LLP) Tristardelta