Dresden Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
26/03/2018 HB-JYG A319-111 (easyJet Switzerland) DT
26/03/2018 D-ABQP DHC-8-402Q (Eurowings) DT
26/03/2018 F-HPJB A380-861 (Air France) DT
21/06/2017 D-ABNQ A320-214(WL) (Air Berlin) Patrick Meissner
20/01/2017 CS-TRI A330-322 (Hi Fly) DT
20/01/2017 RA-89056 Superjet 100-95B (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines) DT
20/01/2017 D-AILT A319-114 (Lufthansa) DT
20/01/2017 G-EZPL A320-214(WL) (Easyjet) DT
08/02/2016 D-AKNT A319-112 (Germanwings) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-AGWD A319-132 (Germanwings) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-AIUN A320-214(WL) (Lufthansa) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-AGWO A319-132 (Germanwings) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-AGEU 737-75B(WL) (Germania) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-AIQC A320-211 (Germanwings) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 HB-IJX A320-214 (Swiss) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-AEMA ERJ-195-LR (ERJ-190-200 LR) (Lufthansa Cityline) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-ABQG DHC-8-402 (Air Berlin) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-AIGN A340-313E (Lufthansa) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 B-2324 A300-B4-605R (China Northwest Airlines) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 B-2308 A300-605RF (China Eastern Airlines) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-AIPM A320-211 (Lufthansa) SCN_IUBH
08/02/2016 D-AEBN ERJ-195-LR (ERJ-190-200 LR) (Lufthansa Cityline) SCN_IUBH
01/02/2016 D-CFMD B300-(350) King Air (FCS - Flight Calibration Services GmbH) DT
17/12/2015 RA-89042 Superjet 100-95B (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines) DT
17/12/2015 VP-CGS Dassault Falcon-7X (Volkswagen AG) DT
13/12/2015 D-AKNS A319-112 (Germanwings) DT
13/12/2015 D-AIGN A340-313E (Lufthansa) DT
11/12/2015 B-2326 A300B4-605R (Uni-Top Airlines) DT
11/12/2015 B-2324 A300B4-605R (Uni-Top Airlines) DT
11/12/2015 B-2319 A300B4-605R (Uni-Top Airlines) DT
11/12/2015 B-2318 A300B4-605R (Uni-Top Airlines) DT
11/12/2015 B-2317 A300B4-605R (Uni-Top Airlines) DT
11/12/2015 B-2325 A300B4-605R (Uni-Top Airlines) DT
13/08/2015 B-2317 A300-605R (China Northwest Airlines) igulam
13/08/2015 B-2319 A300-605R (China Eastern Airlines) igulam
13/08/2015 B-2318 A300-605R (China Eastern Airlines) igulam
04/06/2015 9M-MKI A330-322 (Malaysia Airlines) erdni
04/06/2015 B-2324 A300B4-605R (China Eastern Airlines) erdni
04/06/2015 B-2319 A300B4-605R (China Eastern Airlines) erdni
04/06/2015 B-2318 A300B4-605R (China Eastern Airlines) erdni
04/06/2015 B-2317 A300B4-605R (China Eastern Airlines) erdni
04/06/2015 B-2326 A300B4-605R (China Eastern Airlines) erdni
23/04/2015 9M-MKI A330-322 (Malaysia Airlines) marky777k
09/04/2015 G-CIOH A330-322 (Apollo Aviation Group) DT
09/04/2015 B-2330 A300-605R (China Eastern Airlines) DT
09/04/2015 HB-IYQ RJ100 (Swiss) DT
04/02/2015 RA-89028 Superjet 100 (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines) DT